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The Property Home have teamed up with Intasure insurance to offer you high quality , low cost property insurance for your second home in Europe or the UK. Please click on the link below to get a quote.

Don't ignore your overseas property insurance - disaster can strike anywhere!

Would you be brave enough to leave your home in the UK uninsured? So why do many of us buying a home abroad immediately assume that the rules are different because the sun is shining - risks still exist. Regardless of whether your property is occupied, unoccupied or let - short or long term - you need comprehensive property insurance and cover against potential liabilities.

UK based insurance company Intasure offers policies that are designed specifically to meet the needs of the overseas property market. Flexibility is central to Intasure's cover, comprehensive buildings and contents insurance allows you to live in, leave your property unoccupied or let it - short or long term. The policy also covers loss of rent and emergency travel and accommodation in the event of a major claim. For additional peace of mind these policies are underwritten by one of the world's leading insurers, Norwich Union.

No language barriers.

Understanding exactly what a policy includes, even in English, can be a feat in itself. Add to this the complication of an unfamiliar language and the stress associated with making a claim and the whole process could be doubly hard. Intasure's documentation is entirely in English and all claims and enquiries are reported to and resolved by a UK-based English speaking support team.

Community Insurance can be misleading

Local Community Insurance cover can be deceptive. It is designed to protect communal areas such as boundary walls, entrances and staircases (in the case of apartments), but not as comprehensive cover for your specific property. It is invariably written in the language of origin, which makes it hard to fully understand what the cover includes. Owners can mistakenly believe that Community Insurance covers their home, discovering too late that it does not.

Essential Liability cover

Intasure's comprehensive cover is also ideal for anyone who lets their property, particularly with the current trend toward litigation. Intasure's policy automatically includes £2,000,000 Public Liability cover, far in excess of many other European policies (in Spain for example, typically 30,000euros Approx. £20,000). Cover is available for homes in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and the Republic of Ireland. For a quick quote or to arrange immediate cover visit the Intasure web site:

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